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Dije is the past tense, personal sense of the Spanish word for “said,” as in “Yo Dije,” meaning “I said.” It stands for doing what we say and keeping our word. It is also an acronym for Diversity, Inclusion, Justice and Equity. It is built on proximity and connectivity. It is a partnership. It is a promise. Dije is a platform for falling in love with problems. And Dije is built on data.

Dije is your organization’s opportunity to lead, share and show up so that those seeking something new and exploring options can find it here in Greater Madison.

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We believe in the proverb: If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Greater Madison has the country’s most sector-diverse economy and one of the fastest-growing tech economies. Despite these strengths, there are significant racial and ethnic disparities in economic access and mobility.

Dije is focused on building Greater Madison as a place of belonging while bending the arc of disparity in the workplace and beyond. It is centered and guided by a 60+ CEO Roundtable comprising the region’s largest and most prominent employers. These CEOs have identified five pillars of work: Convene, Attract, Connect, Track and Grow.

Success is convening our community’s business leadership to attract new talent, connect existing and future talent, and grow opportunity and prosperity through entrepreneurial development and supply-chain diversification.

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